This book is about teaching English as a second or foreign language using Project-Based Learning (PBL). We approach this combination because many people seem to think about implementing PBL in their language classes and ask questions about how to do it, but feel that there aren’t enough materials based on this methodology. In fact, most researchers and writers we have come across discuss the applications of PBL in the students’ mother tongue to subjects such as Math, History, Literature, Social Studies, and Science. However, there are still few published works about the specifi cs of PBL in foreign language classes. Besides, it seems obvious to us that the main diffi culty in developing projects in a second or foreign language lies exactly on the fact that communication may be hindered when students do not have enough knowledge in the target language. With that in mind, the question that has driven us to write this book is: How do we apply PBL to the language classes at the same time that we teach students how to interact and communicate in the target language?
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