Teacher's 3 R's

We have made it through another year! Words are buzzing through our heads, projects have finished, final grades have been handed in, teacher-parent conferences are over, and we have not even started on our Christmas shopping! Teacher’s reality!

When Christmas and New Year’s holidays are over, our true vacation begins.

One tends to think that traveling is the best way to spend your holidays. In fact, traveling can be quite stressful. Staying at home and learning how to rest your mind can bring many more benefits than you can imagine. So let us take some time off to put our 3 R’s into practice.


Rest our minds
Relax our bodies
Recharge our spirits

• Learn how to medidate.
• Take time to do a one-minute mindfulness exercise (ex: look at the leaves on a tree for one whole minute; walk paying attention to all your movements, eat your favorite chocolate paying full attention to all your feelings.
• Find a peaceful spot, sit down and close your eyes. Breathe in and out, paying full attention to your breathing.

• Rethink your eating habits.
• Stretch everyday when you wake up and before going to bed.
• Do some Yoga poses outside on a nice sunny morning.
• Treat yourself to a massage session.

• Sweat it out. Exercise is a great way to recharge your spirits. Learn how to breathe and pay attention to you breathing while exercising.
• Dance. Move your body to your favorite music.
• Practice observing your feelings instead of getting caught up in them.

Finally, one last tip for your vacation: give a break from technology! I know it seems hard at first, but you can do it, and you will feel much better after trying it. Here are some ideas that can help you get started:

• Go on a technology fast. Make the decision of not using technology for a day. Then try not using it for two days, and so on.
• Try to identify what you are really seeking for in technology. Is it recognition? Acceptance?
• Take a break from social media. Whenever you feel like checking your page, grab a book instead.

Enjoy your vacation!