Technology in the classroom
Louise Potter

We all know that our teenage students are sceenagers. As teachers, we are all well aware that in order to keep our students engaged in the classroom, we need to have them on task 24/7.

There are many ways to keep our students motivated and in order to do so we need to revisit our classroom management strategies every week. Classroom management is sometimes more valuable to a teacher than his own knowledge of the content itself.

Having said this, I do agree to the fact that technology is here to stay and that we must incorporate technology into our classroom. Although I do not agree that technology is the only tool to motivate students and that we are no longer thriving teachers if we do not incorporate some sort of technology every single day in our classes, the time has come for all teachers to begin facing their monsters and learning new tips and tools that have become an amazing help and not a foe for our class plans. I must agree that patience is a must and in addition to that, some softwares and games are very time consuming to begin to understand what they can do for us in the classroom.

But let´s start!

Here are a few for you to begin to analyze and enjoy!