Plan the year

Think of how you are going to divide the units of your course book, and its syllabuses, throughout the year.

Think of the extra reading materials you want to use with your students: how are you going to fit them to your planning? How are you going to assess their work?

Think the dates of official tests and field trips: remember not to include any important content during those dates.
Plan the month

Think of the contents you will cover each month.

Think of the special days you will need to celebrate.

Think of extra-curricular tasks in order to take a break from the book (songs, videos, activities in the computer lab, etc.).
Plan the week

Make sure you plan different activities for different intelligences.

Think of the activities that can be used as part of your ongoing assessment.

Think of the extra materials you will need for the week: do you need to ask parents or the school? How soon?
Plan the day

Think of your main objective for each class: remember to ask yourself “what do I want my students to learn today?”

Think of the number of tasks you want to work with each day.

Think of the grouping arrangements for your class: individual work, pairs work, group work, etc.
Plan the task

Think of the main objective of each task, and how you are going to reach it.

Think of the links between tasks: how can you make a meaningful connection between one task and the other?

Think of how you are going to give instructions and how much time you will need for each task. Make sure you keep track of the timing.