Course books have been around for a long time, and we cannot deny the fact they have become the main source of content in the foreign language classroom due to the convenience and safety it provides teachers. However, it is critical that teachers offer their language students a wider range of resources that cater to different learning styles and intelligences. How can we balance the use of course books and alternative resources, such as technological tools, authentic reading, and projects in order to provide meaningful opportunities for communication?

Beyond the Course Book has been designed for teaches who don’t want to give up their course books as a content guide, but wish to twist up their classes using alternative tools and resources.

At the end of this course, we expect you to be able to answer the following questions:

- Why use visuals and graphic organizers in the English class?
- How can I use visual resources as a way to broaden the opportunities of communication among my students?
- What are Graded Readers and why should I use them in my classes?
- What kind activities can I do using Graded Readers?
- How can I include technology in my classes?
- What kind of tech tools are available and suitable for language classes?
- What are the advantages of using technology in the classroom?
- What is Project-based Learning (PBL)?
- What are the advantages to use PBL in the language classroom and how can this approach be best adapted to such context?

Target audience: experienced and recently-graduated language teachers working in the EFL/ ESL and bilingual education areas. Coordinators and teacher-assistants.

Length: Four modules. Students have a minimum of four and a maximum of eight weeks to complete the course after receiving login information.

Estimated study hours per module: Six to eight.

Resources: online forums, video classes, Reading assignments, and chat sessions.

Module 1 - Using visuals and graphic organizers to enhance communication

• Using visual images to provide language support
• KWL charts and diagrams
• Imaging and Comic strips

Module 2 – Using graded readers to promote extensive reading among EFL students

• What are graded readers? Why use them?
• Including graded readers in your program
• Activities for graded readers
• Assessing students’ work

Module 3 – Technology is here to stay

• Why we must incorporate technology in learning
• Including technology in language activities
• Flipping your classroom – how technology can help you work less (really?)

Module 4 – Adapting Project-based Learning to the foreign language classroom

• What is project-based learning and why use it in the language classroom?
• The importance of driving questions to PBL
• Using course book units as starting point to PBL
• Assessing projects
• The difference between Project-based Learning and end-of-unit projects?

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