Teachers today are much influenced by the way they were taught. In addition to this, they consider the way they learned as an important input for their classroom. Going through the process of teaching and learning is crucial for teachers. However, classroom management has changed in many ways and we know effective classroom management is essential for teachers if they want to be successful in their classrooms.

This course has been developed for teachers who would like to increase their knowledge regarding classroom management concepts, taking into consideration students who attend not only mainstream schools, but also language schools. Student autonomy is a crucial topic for school teachers these days and we will be referring to it constantly during the course. You will also exchange ideas with other teachers as to student engagement, motivation, autonomy, group work, interaction in the classroom and much more.

At the end of this course, we expect you to be able to answer the following questions:

- What does student autonomy really mean and how can we help students to accomplish it?
- Are my classroom instructions clear?
- How can instructions help me achieve student autonomy?
- What are my strengths regarding classroom management?
- How can I group my students in order to engage them and have them use their full potential during group work, taking into consideration their different profiles?
- How can I use rubrics to help me evaluate group work?

Target audience: experienced and recently graduated language teachers working in the EFL/ ESL and bilingual education areas. Coordinators and teacher-assistants.

Length: Four modules. Students have a minimum of four and a maximum of eight weeks to complete the course after receiving their login information.

Estimated study hours per module: Six to eight

Resources: online forums, video classes, reading assignments, and chat sessions.

Module 1: Classroom Management

• Introduction and objectives
• Definition of classroom management
• Why is classroom management important?
• Why is it essential for teachers
• What is involved in good classroom management?

Module 2: Student Motivation and student engagement

• Engaging and motivating students
• Student engagement and motivation in the language classroom

Module 3: Learner autonomy and classroom interaction models

• What is learner autonomy?
• Learner autonomy in language teaching
• Teacher-centered x student-centered classroom

Module 4: types of interaction in the language classroom

• The importance of group work and techniques for grouping students
• Working with learning centers
• Adjusting activities to different interaction models

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