It’s no secret that every teacher anxiously waits for their much deserved break. While there is always a fun to-do list that we start drafting about a month before vacation, there is always some room for fun things that will help our career development.

We have listed some ideas to help you get organized during your break:

Reading is always relaxing and a way to broaden your mind. You can read something related to your teaching career such as The dimension of engaged teaching – A practical guide for educators by Laura Weaver/Mark Wilding or a novel by one of your favorite authors.

Get in touch with the movies again - movies can often give us different perspectives of things to do in the classroom with our students. Check out our list at or simple see what in on at the theater nearest to you.

Get to know your city - take a day or two to explore your city as if you were a tourist. Have an adventure in your own town.

Get some fresh air - take long walks in the park and get as much fresh air as you can. We know teachers are rarely outside. Sunlight benefits your health and spirit.

Sleep in and enjoy a lazy day of just doing nothing. The art of doing nothing is not as easy as one thinks.

Go to the museum – there are usually many great exhibits at this time of the year and they do help us get a broader view of the world.

Take an online course – online courses are mostly short and convenient. You can choose one for your career development or something that is simply an interest of yours, with no relation to teaching.

Try a new sport – we often find ourselves without any extra time to take care of our health when we work too hard. Use your vacation time to try that activity you have always wanted to try. If you find something you really enjoy, chances are you will keep it up when work starts again.

Clean up – it may seem crazy, but sometimes a little housekeeping makes us feel fresh and ready to start again. You can do that to your classroom, your locker, or your office at home. Put on some music and have fun!

Watch your favorite TV show – are you falling behind in your favorite show? Surround yourself with some junk food while curled up in the couch and start your own marathon! Just remember to take a shower once in a while!