Series: The world through Tasha`s eyes

Tasha knows we are all unique. Let's explore how we feel and how we deal with our emotions through Tasha's eyes. When we inspire young learners to read, we inspire them to look at the world from a different perspective. They connect to characters and connect the story to their own lives.

The series aims at providing schools and parents with books of rhymes with authentic themes and illustrations and social emotional themes that must be explored inside and outside the classrooms.

Teachers and parents can expand the theme to create cross- curricular projects.

The mountains near my house

Tasha looks out the window at all the mountains near her house. Some mountains are big and scary, others are small and fragile, some are cold, others are hot. They are all the same, but somewhat different, and they are all different but somewhat the same, just like us. How different are you?

My clothes do not fit me

TTasha knows we are all unique and that the way we dress expresses our personality. How do you like to dress?

I win, you lose, I lose, you win

Tasha knows there are different ways to express disappointment when we lose a game. it is not easy to control our emotions., but she is trying. How do you feel when you win or lose a game?

About the author - Louise Emma Potter

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