Reasons why you should flip your classroom

You save time.

Although it may seem like more work, flipping your classes actually spares you from exhausting yourself in the classroom. You no longer stand in front of the classroom lecturing for 60 minutes. That is because students will be doing all the work while you assess, monitor, and praise them.
It allows students to study at their own pace and review key concepts whenever they need to.

We all know students have different paces in learning. When you present content in a way which can be made available any time, you enable your students to revise and reinforce what they have not grasped whenever they feel they need to.
It involves parents in their children’s education.

when content is made available through other sources, parents have the possibility to become familiar with what their children are learning, which allows them to be more involved with students’ learning process.
Students participate more actively in the classes.

Lecturing and exposing take place outside the classroom, while the “fun part” of applying concepts and building knowledge together happens among students with the teacher’s support. Students are eager and are responsible for their own learning. They learn because they are interested, and the subject and skills are relevant to them.
It increases teacher-student interaction.

when working with flipped classrooms, we increase and improve the types of interactions between teachers and students. Firstly, the teacher’s language in the classroom changes from lecturing to discussing, asking, eliciting, and questioning. Secondly, technology become an extra tool with which students and teachers can count on to interact outside the classroom.
It speaks the language of today’s students.

It´s no secret how much students depend on technology to study these days. They have been brought up with technology all around them. The sad part is that they carry a potential gadget for learning 24 hours a day, and schools do not allow them to use it in the classroom. It’s time we accepted student´s language is technology.
You keep students on task.

Our students are focused on technology. Using it in the classroom helps them stay on task. Nowadays students have a busy schedule with lots of after class activities.