Teacher Development: from Why to How

By - Alessandra Machado & Karin Heuert Galvão

Never before has teacher development been requested in such fast pace and in such high demand. Maybe because there are too many alternatives, yet it can be overwhelming to choose what to do first, when to do it and how to invest your money. Here are some of our thoughts about “why” CPD is important and “how” to achieve your goals successfully.

Why should you develop as a teacher?

It is common knowledge that many people still have the misconception that working as an English teacher is just an excuse for extra bucks. Well, the scenario has changed along with the market, but also the students are becoming more and more demanding for quality. So if you love teaching, want to pursue this career, and be a trustworthy qualified professional, you must take an accredited course that prepares you to teach worldwide.
Taking courses, joining workshops and seminars will certainly provide you with more confidence and entice your creativity. At the same time, you can get in touch with other educators and exchange materials, projects, ideas and keep updated with the latest news regarding ELT.

How can you develop as a teacher?

Courses such as the TKT preparation course provide core knowledge of language and teaching techniques that will help you plan your lessons taking into consideration different aspects, such as level of language, students’ learning styles, cultural aspects, and others. Thus, you feel more confident when giving a class or dealing with possible emerging problems.
Considering that investing in CPD is time consuming, you must take into account specific aspects that you wish to develop; this is because you want to invest not only your time, but your money wisely. Taking part in courses with Future Learn, for example, which is an open platform for development in various areas, you will be able to share ideas and get to know different educators from all around the globe. In this case, if you wish to have a certificate to voucher your knowledge and experience in the area you have studied, you will then have to pay for it. Nevertheless it is a phenomenal adventure.
However, if you feel a MOOC is too impersonal and you would like to share your ideas in a more inclusive and open environment and in a way that you would be able to meet your tutor synchronously and asynchronously, an online course such as the following might interest you.

  • TKT Preparation Course - Module 1
  • Phonology & Pronunciation Course
  • Online Tutoring (Google Apps for Teachers)
  • Teaching Young Learners - Module 1

Our fellow colleagues at Teach-in Education also offer a variety of online teacher development courses and we highly recommend checking them out: click here.
We hope to be able to help you throughout your development and should you have any questions or doubts, feel more than welcome to write us at - Also check out our website for online teacher development and training courses: